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History of ASIC

From Recovery to Repair and Modification

Aircraft Structures International Corporation began as Stowers Aircraft Corporation in 1978, located at an off-airport facility in Pond Creek, Oklahoma.


In 1984, the corporation moved from its humble beginnings in the back of an old bank building to a newly constructed hangar in Berryville, Arkansas. The founder of the corporation, Mickey A. Stowers, continued to hone his skills as an aircraft rebuilder and aircraft tooling fabricator for the years leading up to 1992. During 1992, he relocated his corporation to Enid, Oklahoma, changing the name to ASIC.  His intent was to convey to the aviation community a better understanding of what the corporation was and where it was heading.

Shortly after ASIC's move to Enid, the corporation changed its work scope to deal exclusively with the Cessna 208 Caravan. After fabrication of the tooling and fixtures, which enabled ASIC to rebuild any structural component of the Caravan, ASIC has attained the position as the "World Leader" in Caravan rebuilding. Making this possible was the hard work and dedication of the staff and technicians.


Our firm has designed and fabricated tooling, as well as manufactured parts for Bombardier Aerospace such as: fuel cells, cowling, engine mounts, fairings, flaps, and access doors. ASIC is presently in the process of developing numerous STC’s to improve the versatility and performance of the Caravan. Today ASIC travels the world over, retrieving and rebuilding aircraft for numerous major companies.


Our technicians are highly skilled and with their “can do” attitude and expert craftsmanship, ASIC’s quality and ability is second to none.

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