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Upgrade To The ULtimate Grand Caravan 
With The Brand New P&WC PT6A-140 Engine




Aircraft Structures International Corp. (ASIC) is proud to announce FAA approval for the installation of the Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6A-140 turboprop engine (867 HP) into the Cessna Grand Caravan. The modified Caravan will be called the ULtimate Caravan referring to the blend of power and performance.


With the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-140 Engine you will see:


• An increase of 192 SHP compared to standard PT6A-114A engine

• A 6 percent higher cruise speed

• An increase in maximum cruise power

• An increase in climb rate by as much as 38 percent

• An improved takeoff performance

• An increased gross weight capability

• An increase in your company’s capabilities

PT6A-140 Technology:

 • Advanced Aerodynamics and materials for demonstrated 5% reduction in SFC*

 • Highest power-to-weight PT6A* engine in its class

 • New single crystal CT blades for durability

 • Extensive new features for ease of maintenance

 • Built-in growth potential

 • Use of latest manufacturing processes and green materials

 • Improved emissions combustion system


*Based on public data available July 2012.

New Engine Installation Includes the Following Components:


  • P&WC PT6A-140 engine

  • New Hartzel Propeller

  • New Engine mount

  • New Starter/generator

  • Exchanged engine instruments

  • New Oil Cooler

  • New ecology tank

  • New standby alternator

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