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Wing Jack Pad


FAA STC (SA10840SC),  EASA STC (10040586), BRAZILIAN STC (2012S12-04) is an auxiliary set of jack pads that attach to the upper wing strut bolt and an adapter for the tail hook. The wing jack pads have a point that extends through the strut cover for jacking. After installation, the wing pads remain on the aircraft. The tail adaptor is installed on the tail stand and is removed from the aircraft before flight. With the installation of this STC, ASIC is attempting to eliminate the hassle of removing the cargo pod or the very unsafe “Alternate Jacking Procedure” shown in the Cessna Maintenance Manual. Just jack the aircraft up to do the desired maintenance, such as changing tires, landing gear corrosion inspection or weight and balance. No need for a crane or hoist to remove, install or repair floats.

PRICE: $1,543.00

P/N SA10840SC



Prices in US Dollars, FOB Enid, Oklahoma, USA. Prices do not include taxes, duties or tariffs. Prices may vary if custom work is required or requested. 



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