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Aircraft Structures International Corporation (ASIC) is a Licensed Repair Station with the FAA (YS1R649K), EASA (EASA.145.5989) and Indonesia (145/87700). Our 68,950 sq. ft. facility is centrally located in the US at Enid, Oklahoma. ASIC has repaired aircraft and structural components ranging from the Cessna 150 to the Gulfstream III and has gained the reputation of being the world leader in rebuilding the Cessna Caravan.

We have the tooling and holding fixtures to rebuild every Caravan structural component, no matter how severe the damage. The sheet metal skills of ASIC’s technicians are second to none.  ASIC is ready to use these skills in rebuilding your aircraft, be it an entry-level trainer or your firm’s business jet. Our ability to retrieve damaged aircraft from anywhere in the world, whether it be in the jungles of Africa or submerged in the Amazon River, is unmatched.

The highly trained craftsmen at ASIC are meticulous in their efforts to ensure that work undertaken by the corporation complies with all safety standards and regulations while maintaining a high quality finish.  Since many aircraft work for a living, we know that down time is very costly and must be kept to a minimum. An inventory of parts, flight controls, and wings in excess of $ 10,000,000.00 are kept in stock by ASIC.

Services Offered


Major structural repairs and rebuilding for Cessna Caravan

Control surface and wing rebuilding, repair or exchange

Caravan and PT6A-114 parts sales

Worldwide damaged aircraft retrieval

Aircraft Maintenance for Cessna Caravan

Caravan main landing gear removal,

Inspection and re-installation

Repair Procedure for the Caravan upper and lower nose gear torque links

Avionics Installation

Caravan Aircraft Sales

Composite Repair

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